Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Call of @EldritchSwift

There is nothing I love more than a good Lovecraft parody. Eldritch and spooky and fun? I can't help but adore it. There was the awesome Beauty by HP Lovecraft Facebook account, the wildly popular Dread Singles (@hottestsingles) Twitter account and the Night Vale-esque Nihilist Arby's (@nihilist_arbys) account. There's a new account in town and it's OUTSTANDING. May I have the pleasure of introducing you to @EldritchSwift, a Twitter account that crosses Taylor Swift lyrics with perfect Lovecraftian bon mots of terror and horror.

@EldritchSwift follows the current trend of making outlandish parody accounts focused on Taylor Swift. The most notable one is @SwiftOnSecurity which imagines her as a tech professional. 

@EldritchSwift is the brain spawn of YA author Riley Redgate. In just a short time, it's already amassed a following in the thousands and it's perfect in every single way. I especially love the use of "eldritch" since that is one of my favorite words and my usual online handle.

Each tweet begins as a Taylor Swift lyric or quote and quickly twists, shifts and mutates into a delightful chunk of crawling, shuddering darkness. Each tweet feels effortless and packs a nice supernatural punch. Somehow adding Lovecraftian mythos and themes to Taylor Swift just feels RIGHT, you know? It's currently my favorite account on Twitter and I can not stop retweeting it and marveling at just how beautifully made each horrific message is.

There are only 37 tweets and each one is a masterpiece. You NEED to be following this account. Tell her I sent you. See below for some of my favorites. From one eldritch creature to another, I love you @EldritchSwift.

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