Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sweeping Her Way to the Finish

artwork by Doris of
Back in 2013, I raved about Ilona Andrews serial, Clean Sweep. Last year, they started book 2, SWEEP IN PEACE. Like book 1, it is a free serial on their website. Chapters are added fairly regularly (except when deadlines or life take priority).

Now though, we're on the fast course to the finish. In the last two days we've had 4 new installments. Did you hear that? Yes, it's the sound of fans squeeing with joy.

With Clean Sweep, as soon as it was complete, it remained up on the website for a time, then was edited and some content added before it was published. I'm anticipating that the same thing will happen with SWEEP.

Once again we have action, the trademark Ilona Andrews humor, fantastic worldbuilding and scene-stealing characters. Dina is hosting a peace summit lead by characters from another Andrews' series. I won't say who, just that my fan-self was awash in happiness. Of course, nothing goes smoothly, and Dina and her broom have a lot of cleaning up to do. And by "cleaning up" I mean "kicking ass."

Want to get caught up on SWEEP IN PEACE? Check out Then get ready to buy the ebook when it is released. The extras added to Clean Sweep were totally worth it and I anticipate the same this go round.
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