Friday, April 3, 2015

Get Your Geek On With These Egg-cellent Easter Creations

by Sara N.

Easter weekend is when eggs get fancy —  even occasionally geek fancy, because the Internet. Below is a roundup of some of the best nerdy decorated eggs from film, television, and games.

Star Wars eggs from Screen Rant. That light saber is divine.

More Say has some nicely geeky eggs, including these Justice Leaguers and Marvel and D.C. living in harmony.

Artist Rene Lopez had painted a variety of gorgeous, geeky eggs, which you can check out here. The DC heroines and Walking Dead collections are not to be missed.

Geek Tyrant has a fantastic collection of eggs, including the Battlestar Galactica, Dalek and zombie eggs below.

The Mary Sue also has a nice roundup, of which I'm partial to the storm trooper and the Pantone eggs.

There's also a nice collection at Forever Geek, including Harry Potter house eggs and a charming Bender.

Nerdy Rotten Scoundrel has some good 'uns, too, including some Game of Thrones house sigils.

Handy types can do make their own Lego eggs using this tutorial. It calls for temporary tattoo paper, which I'm guessing you probably don't have just lying around your house. But freehand painting could also work here.

This tutorial shows you how to make a different type of Lego eggs. Get at it, crafters! And happy Easter!

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