Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The First Update: The 52 Book Challenge!

Fellow book lovers, it's time to tell us where you are in the 52 book challenge!

This is the 10th week of the year and spring is in sight! Well, almost, tell that to the snowstorm banging on my door. That means you should be 10 or more books into the challenge!

I just finished book 10 so I'm on pace, but I will need to pick up speed if I want to surpass 52. My nightly re-read hasn't gone well and I've missed a bunch of days. The weather is really getting me down.

So tell me where you are in your quest to read 52 books this year!
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  1. I'm at 8 books finished and just over 2900 pages.

  2. Just finished #10, and halfway through #11... Good thing, I didn't make my quota the last two years, so I'm really hopeful to hit my goal in 2015!

  3. I... um... Well.. I've been doing very well with my reading goal this year. I've read 40 books already thanks to prolonged illness and recovery from surgery. I'm not going to be able to keep it up but it's been nice.

  4. 11 so far. Need to bump things up though or I will quickly fall behind.

  5. as of April 18th, I'm on book 22! I'm super excited.

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