Tuesday, February 10, 2015

When Someone Asks If You're A Goddess...

by Megan S.

This is solid life advice.
I can NOT wait for the upcoming all female Ghostbusters film. First of all, awesome ladies crushing the Bechdel test. Second of all and as equally amazing, MORE GHOSTBUSTERS.  I loved the pair of movies (and the cartoon!) since I was a kid, so you can imagine my response when I first heard about the film.

Which is why this...

was my response when I saw Karen Hallion's, one of Stellar Four's favorite artists, lady Ghostbuster art.

I want it so, so much. It's a twist on the classic line from the original film. (Duh, Megan.)  You can get in a print, on a canvas bag, pillow, note card, or on a mug. I'm thinking that 15 ounce mug would look awfully nice on my desk.

Just saying.

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