Friday, February 27, 2015

Leonard Nimoy's Best and Funniest Moments in Video

by Sara N.

Leonard Nimoy died today, leaving the world a little less thoughtful, a little less goofy, and a little less bright.

He was an actor, a director, a poet, a singer, and, from all appearances, a kind and thoughtful man. He came to embrace his iconic role as Spock on Star Trek, and that cool logic, gravitas, and moral calm seemed to follow him from project to project.

Nimoy was the voice of Galvatron on Transformers and the narrator on Ancient Mysteries on the History Channel. He lent his voice to two of the best Simpsons episodes ever. He played Vincent Van Gogh in the one-man show Vincent. He directed Three Men and a Baby. Most recently, he had a small but significant role on Fringe.

Oh, and he was funny. Dry, acerbic, and funny. Check out some of his best moments below, and stay for an impromptu wake in the comments.

Nimoy at his hippie-dippie craziest:

Melting our brains on Fringe:

Only one of the best Simpsons episodes ever:

Followed by one of the other best Simpsons episodes ever:

He was on The Big Bang Theory, which whatever. I guess it's a thing some people like, so good for him.

He was musical!

He hung out with Bruno Mars!

He was always a good sport!

And he was a lifelong gentleman.

Live long and prosper, everyone. Live long and prosper.

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