Monday, February 2, 2015

Fancasting Your Favorite Fiction

by Megan S.

August 2015 can't come soon enough!
Do you play casting agent when reading? I do. I fill the character roles in whatever book I'm immersed in, usually with actors, without even consciously doing it.  And, boy have I've been busy lately, plowing through fifteen plus books since Christmas and casting every main character.* Why, just this weekend, I started reading a fantastic new book, Owl and the Japanese Circus by Kristi Charish, staring Ashley Benson of Pretty Little Liars. Filling the parts adds another dimension to the reading experience.

With yesterday's cover reveal of M.L. Brennan's fourth Generation V book, Dark Ascension, I thought I'd share my fancast of the series about a reluctant young vampire. It's one of my new favorite genre series and I can't wait for the latest installment in August 2015.

Fortitude Scott - Zachary Levi

Our hero Fortitude is the youngest member of the Scott Family, the ruling vampire clan in the North Eastern United States. He's spent most of his life distancing himself from his mother and siblings, choosing to embrace his nerdiness and get a degree in film studies. Throughout the first three books, Fort evolves from relative wussiness to badass. Who better to pull that off than ubernerd Zachary Levi of Chuck and Heroes: Reborn fame?

 Suzume Hollis - Jadyn Wong

Kitsune and trickster Suzume Hollis is one of my favorite characters in the series. Suze begins as the hired muscle, but soon becomes Fort's friend and partner. Brennan manages to avoid the usual trope pitfalls of the hot female ass kicker.  Suze is a three dimensional character: funny, occasionally obnoxious, scary, with hints of vulnerability.  I think Scorpion's Jadyn Wong would be the perfect fit for, you know, when Suzume is in human form.

Chivalry Scott - Daniel Gillies

Chivalry is Fort's older brother and very much the stereotypical romantic vamp lead you find in so many stories (and trust me, this is actually awesome). The handsome bloodsucker dotes on his wife/blood donor, prides himself on being a gentleman, and is always there for the youngest member of the Scott family. The best part about Chivalry is that Brennan uses his character to show why this archetype is so very disturbing.  Daniel Gillies plays such a similar character in The Originals, I think he'd fit right in.

Prudence Scott - Katie Finneran

Prudence is the oldest Scott sibling and the other side of the vampire stereotype coin.** Described as appearing to be in her 40s with bright red hair, she's a ruthless killer and the family enforcer.  Again, Brennan deftly uses her character to explore difficulties with vampire archetypes. Prudence immediately reminded me of Katie Finneran's seemingly ruthless character in Bryan Fuller's weird Wonderfalls.

Madeline Scott - Queen Elizabeth

OK, bear with me on this one. England's Queen Elizabeth is the perfect Madeline Scott.  The matriarch of the Scott family is described as appearing as a frail, elderly woman in tasteful clothes and glasses. She still has the physical power to take even the most feared vampire, however.  SO OF COURSE IT HAS TO BE QUEEN ELIZABETH! Come on! That monarch is one formidable old lady.

So, how about you? Who do you envision playing your favorite fictional characters?  Share 'em in the comments!  

*Losing yourself in books as a coping mechanism for stress is both healthy and entertaining!
**Vampire Stereotype Coin now available for two easy installments of $39.99 from the Franklin Mint!

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