Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Support Queers Destroy Science Fiction!

Last year, Lightspeed Magazine created an incredibly successful Kickstarter so they could release a special edition of their magazine made completely by women. Women Destroy Science Fiction was an awesome issue, full of amazing stories. Their Kickstarter was so successful that they were even able to do special issues of Nightmare Magazine and Fantasy magazine, producing Women Destroy Horror and Women Destroy Fantasy issues. They were all SO damn good.

Well, Lightspeed is at it again! Since Women Destroy Science Fiction was such a rousing success, they've gone back to the drawing board and have come up with Queers Destroy Science Fiction! Not content to rest on their laurels, they've pulled some of the best and brightest LGBT writers and brought them together to make another special issue that I bet will knock your socks off. Night Vale's Cecil Baldwin and urban fantasy author Seanan McGuire are helping to bring this special issue to life.

For the measly sum of $5, less than the price of a latte, you can support Queers Destroy Science Fiction and help inject some more diversity into science fiction. $5 gets you a digital copy of the special issue, three digital Lightspeed back issues and any stretch goals they make. Fingers crossed for Queers Destroy Horror and Queers Destroy Fantasy!

They blew through their goal in the first day and they have 18 days left. Pledge $5 and support diversity in science fiction! Lightspeed, you are AWESOME!
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