Thursday, January 29, 2015

Stop Your Frantic Searching. Here's This Year's Valentine's Gift.

by Sara N.

Stressed about what you're getting your sweetie for Valentine's Day this year? Don't be. Etsy seller MadAlchemistDesign has you covered. Check it out:

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A COOLER ROMANTIC GIFT IDEA?? And even better: It's customizable with up to 15 couples of your choice. My sister shared this with me, and we spent all night messaging suggestions back and forth for couples we'd include and couples we'd omit.

First, I'd take out Jareth and Sarah. They don't work for me as a couple, unless we're talking straight-up bulge-in-pants sex. I'd also omit John and Sherlock simply because I don't want either my husband or me to be the Sherlock in any relationship. Sam and Dean are brothers, so putting them in a romantic setting is just weird (despite the fanfic you may have read to the contrary).

What pairs would you add? My shipper heart wants to put Gendry to my Arya, but I'm afraid neither of them will be alive in a year. (Plus, in the books, they're children.) There's also Sydney to my Vaughn, even if he was briefly married to an evil woman with an indeterminate accent. And I've been wracking my brain for couples from beloved books. Quentin to my Alice? Locke to my Sabetha? Denna to my Kvothe?

If you're anti-Valentine's Day, you can go with couples nobody wants: Bella to my Edward. Lori to my Rick. Jaime to my Cersei. Or you can surprise a friend for Galentine's Day with buddy pairings: Buffy to my Willow. Inara to my Kaylee. Sydney to my Francie. Crusher to my Troi.

After much debate over the coolest, geekiest couples of all time, I've come up with my final list (which I'm sure I'll revise at least three more times before ordering):

Leia to my Han
Riker to my Troi
Companion to my Doctor
Lois to my Clark
Mulder to my Scully
Betty to my Archie
Desmond to my Penny
Zoe to my Wash
Heather to my Conner
Kermit to my Piggy
Jamie to my Claire
Dixie to my Brisco
Adama to my Roslin
Westley to my Buttercup

(Serious question: Is "chainsaw hand to my Ash" too much?)

You see why I'm so excited by this, right? You can celebrate your mutual love of all things sci fi/fantasy/nerdy, and particularly the characters most meaningful to you and your mate. I checked with the seller, who says Sunday is the deadline to order for guaranteed delivery by Feb. 14.

So get to brainstorming. What couples would you include in yours?
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  1. Yes! Love this! Especially since you can customize.
    I agree with adding Riker & Troi, but would also add Jadzia & Worf.
    Darcy & Elizabeth
    Homer & Marge
    Hot Lips & Hawkeye
    Gomez & Morticia
    Paul & Chani

    And that's all I have for now, but will be thinking hard for the next few days as I'm doing this even though Jon hates "those words as art crap". Oh! I really like a Hobbes& Calvin but seems out of place with the romantic couple theme.

    1. It really is the most fun game!

      And I suppose you could make the argument that Hobbes and Calvin represent that friendship/mischief side of a relationship (and Sam and Dean are the trust and loyalty and Arthur and Merlin are the ... mentor/mentee?), but I'm with you. It's weird.

    2. So much fun!

      I'm also trying to compile a list of arch enemies because I'm darkly intrigued with highlighting the antagonistic side of our relationship.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. And I think I'd prefer to remove the "you are my always" because that's too flowery for us. Maybe something more crass, will need to ponder.

    Perhaps "you are my Dude" if I can also add some sort of "special lady friend" signature....

  3. I'm all in for most of them, but if I had to add, I'd put in O'Neill to my Carter (SG1), Mask to my Moon (Sailor Moon), Mario to my Peach (Super Mario)

  4. Ok I feel like I need to put in a bit of info here, so you don't all think I am a pervy psycho lol. When I designed this sign, I didn't have just romance in mind, I wanted it to be something you could give your very best friend as well. I chose pairings who held traits that I could see in my own relationship with my husband (although Jareth and Sarah was pure shipping on my part :D). So no I dont support brother on brother romantic love lol, BUT I do like to think the loyalty and family strength Dean and Sam have are something my husband and I share. The same goes for the other pairings in my original design that may make you go what?!!?! There is a trait in their relationship that I see in the one I share with my husband, not just romantic ones=) However, I know it doesn't work for everyone which is why we made it customizable. Sara, thank you so much for this blog post, it is so very sweet, and fun. Plus it forced me to google Galentine's Day which I am now eternally grateful for <3

    1. Galentine's Day is the best invented holiday of the past decade!

      And I really do love the way your pairings highlight different couples and their attributes. I was just focused on the romantic ones. :)

      Can't wait to see the version that I ordered!

  5. You have a good point here!I totally agree with what you have said!!Thanks for sharing your views...hope more people will read this article!!!

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