Friday, January 16, 2015

Loving The Librarians

by Sara N.

Stellar Four's been singing the praises of libraries and librarians this week. After all, is there anything finer than buildings devoted to solely to books, staffed by people who sling books for a living? Heaven!

But today I'd like to pitch you a slightly different kind of librarian. Specifically, The Librarians. This quirky little TNT show is closing its first season on Sunday night, and if you haven't had a chance to fall under its spell, you can catch up on all the episodes starting at midnight on Sunday (give or take depending on your time zone, I imagine).

The show is a spinoff of the Noah Wyle-starring TV movie series The Librarian. (I'd never seen any of them, so rest assured that you can enjoy the show without seeing the movies first.) The library, which exists in another dimension, is a warehouse for magical artifacts, and the librarians are tasked with tracking down these artifacts and fighting opposing groups that want to release magic into the world.

So that's the premise, but the description doesn't do justice to the show's goofy charm, enjoyable villains, well-drawn characters, cheesy/fun special effects, and genuinely moving moments. It's even got enough of a season-long plot to keep you pulled along. As Megan S. said recently, it's Warehouse 13 done right.

Still not enough? OK. Here, illustrated with gifs from this nifty Tumblr, are more reasons to tune in.

You should watch The Librarians because it has: 
  • A Buffy finale-esque setup that finds new librarians being called despite the continuing life of the current librarian

  • Newbies being introduced to a world where magic exists

  • Girl crush Rebecca Romijn as Eve Baird, newly appointed guardian of the library

  • John Park as Ezekiel, charming thief

  • Lindy Booth as Cassandra Cillian, a mathemetician whose brain tumor has given her synthasthesia

  • Christian Kane as Jacob Stone, genius art historian/fightin' man 

  • The occasional Noah Wyle appearance wherein he eats vast amounts of scenery

  • Also John Larroquette, who needs to be in more things, as Jenkins the library elder

Still not enough? OK. The show also has:
  • A minotaur

  • Dragons

  • Magic doors

  • Villains eating pizza

  • Villains wearing tiaras

  • Guest star Caprica 6 in a cloak

  • Magical shenanigans that turn people evil on occasion 

  • Geeky humor

  • Bruce freaking Campbell guest starring as Santa/Odin

  • An episode where a magical storybook turned the librarians into fairy tale archetypes, including Cassandra as prince charming ...

  • ... Baird as a princess ...

  • ... and Jake as the huntsman, which was the greatest thing seen on TV that week

Finally, there's also:

  • Library goodness, of course

The Librarians is not a show for everyone, I'll admit. You've got to go into it preparing for its basic cable budget and sensibilities, but if you embrace its bouncy charms, you'll have a fun new show on your hands.

If you're still not convinced, you should know that sometimes you get to watch Christian Kane recite poetry.

If I've sold you on the show, be aware that TNT isn't airing the reruns in order on Sunday, for some unfathomable reason, so set your DVR and get them sorted out before you dive right in.

So what I'm saying it, by the end of the day Sunday, you can have watched all 10 episodes of season 1 of The Librarians. You won't be sorry.

If you decide to check it out, or if you're already watching it, let me know what you think in the comments!

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  1. 1. I have a girl crush on RR, too! She's so beautiful, she's got great comedic timing, and she's great at kicking ass.

    2. I commend you on finding those first two perfect Christian Kane gifs. They make my insides go all melty.

    3. Tiaras!

    1. Tiaras!!

      Christian Kane's eye crinkles are to die for.

  2. Great show!

    Who knew eating pizza could be so villainous?

    Lindy Booth has barely aged from her Relic Hunter days.

  3. Christian Kane brings his own magic to The Librarians that is for sure!! Just like he does all of his projects and his music as well!

  4. Haven't missed and episode of The Librarians and you really capture the flavor of the show. The twists on classic tales, myths, and legends have been exciting and entertaining. And as you pointed out, Christian Kane as the Huntsman was the best thing onTV that week and Christian Kane reciting Byron was divine. let's hope there are more seasons to come.

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