Thursday, January 8, 2015

January Group Read: Miserere

It's a new year, and while we are looking forward to all of the wonderful new books 2015 will bring, we also need to remember that there are a hell of a lot of books from previous years that deserve our attention. We also have at least 52 books to read this year.

On Monday, Megan asked all of you to tell her what books she's missed out on. M.L. Brennan mentioned MISERERE: AN AUTUMN TALE by Teresa Frohock. I remembered that not only have I heard rave reviews, but I have this book waiting for me on my Kindle (because of course I do). You know this can only mean one thing.

It's time for another Stellar Four group read. If you want to participate, either because you want to read the book for the first time, or you read it already and want to dish, just join in about a month (don't worry, I'll post reminders).

Want to know more about MISERERE?

"Exiled exorcist Lucian Negru deserted his lover in Hell in exchange for saving his sister Catarina's soul, but Catarina doesn't want salvation. She wants Lucian to help her fulfill her dark covenant with the Fallen Angels by using his power to open the Hell Gates. Catarina intends to lead the Fallen's hordes out of Hell and into the parallel dimension of Woerld, Heaven's frontline of defense between Earth and Hell. When Lucian refuses to help his sister, she imprisons and cripples him, but Lucian learns that Rachael, the lover he betrayed and abandoned in Hell, is dying from a demonic possession. Determined to rescue Rachael from the demon he unleashed on her soul, Lucian flees his sister, but Catarina's wrath isn't so easy to escape!"

A tortured protagonist, demons, and one hell of a horrible family dynamic? I'm in! Are you?

Buy MISERERE: AN AUTUMN TALE  Amazon | B&N | Kobo | BAM | Powell's | Indiebound

Note: The best deals I found for this book were at Kobo ($2.99) and BAM ($2.24 for the ebook).

Teresa Frohock:
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