Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Behold: It's the Subterranean Library of Your Dreams!

by Sara N.

A terrible lie was told about me during Stellar Four's recent library week, a five-day celebration of all things biblo-fabulous. This week was so close to perfection that I hate to quibble with it, and yet there was a vicious untruth perpetrated about me by one Meghan B. that I simply must set straight:

I, Sara N. of Stellar Four, keep every book that I read. 

In Meghan's post on personal libraries, she wrote that I maintain a minimalist library. In fact, this couldn't be more incorrect; my husband and I are book hoarders. 

The sci fi/fantasy/horror section (and wet bar). That's Franklin sitting on the back table.
Like, serious hoarders.

Sci fi/fantasy plus comics and games.
As in, we might have a book-hoarding problem.

Sci fi/fantasy/horror, comics and games, plus romance, mystery and general fiction to the left

Thankfully, we built an amazing library in our basement to handle our massive and ever-growing collection. When our local Borders went out of business in 2011, we bought a sizable number of their different bookcases, along with a few of their display tables, overhead storage shelves, and even a couple of rolling ladders. Then we installed everything and finally liberated the books that, in some instances, had been stored in boxes for more than a decade.
Close-up of the comic section

Lemme tell you, organizing those books and putting them away was a labor of love, and those weeks were some of the most fun my husband and I have ever had, flipping through books we'd forgotten we adored, laughing over garish covers, and cataloguing how many duplicate copies of our favorites we'd acquired over the years. (No human other than my husband needs that many copies of Julian May's Golden Torc.)

Close-up of the game corner

There's still scads of work to be done. Most of the sections are organized into As, Bs, Cs, etc., but the books aren't alphabetized within each letter. I'm saving that job for a rainy — well, not day. Rainy week or three is probably more accurate.

The back of the two-sided bookshelf, featuring sketchy furniture and kids, non-fiction, plays, and miscellaneous books and games

Now, the bigger problem: What are we going to do when we inevitably run out of room to expand? And how does anyone ever get rid of their books? It's a mystery! (Speaking of mystery, those books are shelved next to romance and general fiction.)

And if only we could settle the eternal debate: Does paranormal romance belong in romance, or sci fi/fantasy? Curse you, un-categorizable Black Dagger Brotherhood books! 
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  1. Hello, my name is Meghan B and I would like to formally apologize to Sara N for the vicious untruth I published about her. I have never been more wrong about something in my entire life.

    Seriously. Look at that library. It's stunning. It's amazing. Look at all those shelves. I'm staggered. I'm beyond words and thought. I've never seen something so beautiful before in my entire life.

    Oh my god. Just look at it. Holy shit.

  2. This is such an amazing project. I love the game nook, too. You gotta keep an eye out for an old school card catalog to add to the mix because this is a serious library.

  3. Omg, your library is so awesome!!!! I love it! I wish I had a house with a basement to make my own personal library. Sadly I only have two tiny bookshelves in my room lol. But seriously, great job Sara...When I first saw the pictures, I thought I was looking at an Indie bookstore, no joke!!

  4. Most of the sections are organized into As, Bs, Cs, etc., but the books aren't alphabetized within each letter.


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