Monday, December 1, 2014

What to Watch This Weekend

by Megan S.

New television series The Librarians debuts this Sunday and I couldn't be more excited! Based on the Made-For-TV movie series The Librarian starring Noah Wylie, it's the story of a very special team of librarians working out of the Metropolitan Public Library, who travel the world collecting magical artifacts and protecting the world from the supernatural.  Best of all, the new show looks like it will be just as funny, charming, and supernerdy as the original.

Think it sounds like a ripoff of Warehouse 13?  Don't.  The Noah Wylie-led series actually began five years prior to the debut of the Syfy TV series back in 2004.  And, in all honesty, the Librarian is a whole lot more fun than Warehouse 13 ever was. 

The cast includes humor heavyweights Jane Curtain and Bob Newhart reprising their roles from the films. Wylie, who's pretty adorable as a bumbling yet charming ubernerd, also returns in a lesser, recurring role because of his full time commitment to another TNT show, Falling Skies.  Rebecca Romijn will play the lead in the new series and I have all faith in her.  She proved her comedic chops in ABC's Ugly Betty. Also noteworthy is the addition of Christian Kane to the cast. Many will remember him for his roles in Angel and Leverage.

The ten-episode season begins this Sunday on TNT at 8 PM with a two hour special.  If you haven't seen the trio of films it's based on, you can stream them for free on the network's website.

One more thing, check out their profiles of real-life extreme librarians on the show's Facebook page. It's worth a peek.
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  1. I'm looking forward to it. If the show keeps the spirit of the movies it should be the sort of light hearted fare that's been lacking with Warehouse 13 and Eureka gone.

  2. I miss Eureka! It did a much better job of making lightheartedness paired with darker mythology seem much more natural than Warehouse 13.

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