Monday, November 3, 2014

I Want To Believe (In Miracles)

by Megan S.
by Chris Piascik
Ho-ho-hello and welcome to the 2014 holiday season!  Yes, December 25 may be more than 50 days away and, yes, you may not be feeling all that jolly about the coming onslaught of crass commercialism or nonstop carols for the next month and a half, but before you get your sugarplum fairies in a twist, consider this: it's also the start of the holiday movie season.

Actor portrayal of me right now.
And I loooooove holiday movies.

The best holiday movies are stories of love, redemption, and miracles.  They're goofy, heartwarming, and schmaltzy tales filled with magical realism and they make you want to believe in the best of humanity.  Why wouldn't you want to watch them for two months out of the year?

What? You don't like holiday movies?  Do you hate smiling too?
Overdosing on holiday movies is tradition in my family.  My mom and I watch 'em as often as we can, the funnier and cheesier the better.  There are usually several new ones on TV every year (it's pretty much the only time I watch Lifetime or the Hallmark Channel voluntarily) and this year is no exception.

Speaking of which...


Sure, on the surface it might look kind of awful, but it also looks AMAZING.  It has an adorable kitty in outfits (which *ahem* you know I love), silly memes, Aubrey Plaza as the voice of Grumpy Cat, and is self-referential and self-deprecating.  I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Of course, if so-bad-it's-fantastic TV holiday movies aren't your thing, there are a number of choice ones that actually came out in the theater to watch and re-watch every year. A Christmas Story, It's A Wonderful Life, Scrooge, and Die Hard are classics.

I'm willing to bet, even if your heart is two sizes too small, there is at least one holiday movie out there you can't wait to see this year.  So 'fess up.  What are you looking forward to watching this holiday season?

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  1. The Bishop's Wife is a perennial favorite (Cary Grant as an angel. Who ice skates. Can anyone turn that down?), as are the many variations of A Christmas Carol (Muppets' and the Albert Finney Scrooge, especially). I'm also a big fan of Prep and Landing.

    1. Oooooh! All good ones.

      You know I've never seen the Bishop's Wife, but I adore the remake, the Preacher's Wife. It's a wonder Denzel didn't melt the ice when he was skating.

      The various Christmas Carol stories hold a special place in my heart, too. They always creep me out.

      Prep and Landing is pretty adorable. I also enjoy the Shrek Christmas special. Gingy makes me laugh every time.

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