Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy 200th, Supernatural! Let's Celebrate With Epic GIFs.

by Sara N.

Everybody's favorite improbably long-running show about super-attractive demon-hunting brothers airs its 200th episode tonight on the CW.

To commemorate this momentous event, which very few television shows live long enough to reach, I'm hoping you'll all join me in a little celebration featuring a ridiculous number of GIFs.

Look, it's no secret that Supernatural's best days are behind it. Like, five years behind it. After a rocky first season in which the show struggled to find the proper tone and character development, it morphed into a dependably scary, twisty genre show in season 2.

Original showrunner Eric Kripke envisioned a tightly plotted five seasons and left after a gut-wrenching Season 5 finale that featured one of the brothers dying for the other. Again.

After those first five seasons, the show continued under the guidance of Sera Gamble, and while it hasn't quite recaptured the magic of those first seasons, it's surprisingly not terrible for a show in its 10th season. It's found a comfortable groove with its mix of humor, violence, tough guy swagger, and touches of vulnerability.

If you've watched even 10 minutes of a Supernatural episode, you know that in addition to sharp writing, a huge chunk of its success rests solely on the chemistry between Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean Winchester. Their dynamic of love, anger, frustration, and support elevates even the most mundane monster-of-the-week plotlines (not that many of the episodes are mundane).

The show is also known for its fourth-wall breaking meta episodes, which it handles far better than it has any right to. And although I'm a Dean girl, I appreciate that Sam's shoulders are as broad as I am tall. (I'm not the only one; this show has famously created scads of smutty, brother-based fanfic.)

Supernatural has shed some key characters over the years; some absences were more keenly felt than others. Papa Winchester's death did more to drive the plot than his presence ever did. Uncle Bobby, on the other hand, was a hard, hard loss. The show's also chewed up and spit out a number of enjoyable female characters, from the always welcome Ellen and Jo to tart opponent Ruby (the blond version) and posh annoyance Bela.

And of course, the surviving supporting players are still great fun. The show wouldn't be half as watchable without regular appearance by grumpy king of hell Crowley, game and goofy Charlie Bradbury, and of course, Castiel, who is flawless, now and forever, amen. (His introduction remains my favorite moment of the show.)

Oh, and then there's Chuck. And Lilith. And Meg and Garth and Anna and Kevin and the Trickster and Lucifer and Abaddon and Sheriff Jody and the Ghostfacers and ol' Yellow Eyes. Some good. Some bad. All delightful. So many gone. It's almost too depressing to continue.

So, happy 200th, Supernatural! And for fans, both former and ongoing, keep scrolling to experience a bounty of GIFs featuring highlights of the last 10 years:

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