Friday, November 21, 2014

Geek Tea

I don't know about you, but it's been stupidly cold lately. My home base is on the East Coast and temps have been in the 20s and 30s. You can shut up now, Ed Stark, winter is here.

Generally I stave off the cold by piling about a dozen blankets on top of me and drinking enough tea to singlehandedly put Twinings in the black for the year. I scour the web looking for my favorite tea blends and ordering in bulk because once it gets to the single digits, I am not leaving my house unless you're paying me to do so.

The desire for new and different teas to drink led me to Adagio Teas, a website full of every tea blend you can imagine. They also allow people to make and sell their own tea blends, which is a really cool idea and has led to dedicated fans making some hilariously and tasty sounding geeky teas! Do you want to drink tea about Sherlock, the Winchesters or Doctor Who? Now you can! Why didn't anyone else think of this before?

There are Welcome to Night Vale blends like "Glow Cloud" and "Perfect Carlos". The Carlos one is chocolate chai! There's a Cecil one that's a white and green chai. There's even one for the Weather and it has sprinkles!

Game of Thrones is represented with brews for the Lannisters and the Starks. The Stark blend is a smoky winter brew while the Lannisters have a very spicy chai.

There's oodles of Sherlock teas, but my favorite has to be the "Stag Night Recovery" tea, which includes peppermint, for when you wake up hungover after a very long night. There's even a zombie tea called "The Brewing Dead" that sounds strong enough to wake even the most rotted of corpses.

Basically, any fandom you can think of has a lovely sounding tea you can order and indulge in. Even better, the prices are quite reasonable! There are fandom sample packs (so you can try all six Night Vale flavors!) or you can buy your favorite for just $19 if you buy a 5oz tin.

Of course, since all of these are loose teas, can I offer you an equally geeky tea strainer? How about a Death Star? Nothing says cozy warm cup of tea like a weapon of mass destruction!
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  1. Oh my word, I think I may have found the perfect Christmas presents for my tea loving fangirl friends!

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