Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Temporary Tattoos Perfect For Halloween or Everyday Geek Life

by Megan S.

Maybe it's commitment-phobia, maybe it's an aversion to needles,* but some of us just won't get a tattoo no matter how much we want one.  Thank goodness crafty crafters on craft site Etsy have come up with a solution for those who want to be inked without all the hassle.

That's right, kids, geeky temporary tattoos are real and they're the perfect way to complete your outfit or your Halloween costume.  I've combed Etsy and found 17 awesome ones perfect for cosplaying or just a night out with friends.

And, now on to the non-costume related portion of the evening...

These two collarbone temp tats are a stunning substitute for a necklace. I couldn't decide if I liked the Wonderland...

or the Game of Thrones one better, so you get to see both.

These two cute Doctor Who tattoos are perfect no matter which Doctor is your favorite.  Choose from a Weeping Angel...

Oh look!  It's one of my army of murderous unicorns spreading glitter and mayhem!  Or at least I like to think that's what inspired this temp tattoo.

This isn't particularly geeky but I just love it.

I am a cat lady!

Daaaang. This One Ring to Rule Them All is hot.

*Maybe it's a wise decision I will never need to regret when I'm 82.
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