Thursday, October 2, 2014

More (Cheap) October Merriment

So far this week we've had 21 things to get you in a Halloween mood and Halloween resolutions. I can't stay away from the fun that is this most glorious month and fantabulous holiday.

I would love to construct ornate displays, however, those will last all of twenty seconds in the inevitable maelstrom that is my house on days ending in "y." This little guy is well-nigh indestructible. Should something untoward happen, my glittery, webby friend also only cost $1.49 at Party City.

Read on for more fun, but inexpensive ways to celebrate the best month of the year.

How about adding magnets to Megan's crystal spiders? Plastic spiders, hot glue and magnets. Done.

from Miss Lovie
Anthropomorphize your party cups with googly eyes:
from Collecting the Moments
If you are like me, you pin all kinds of cool looking treats that sure, if the stars aligned and unicorns roamed free you could accomplish without breaking a sweat. Then reality sets in and the result is a (no less awesome BTW) pinterest fail. These, however, I think we could all accomplish. If peanut butter isn't your thing, maybe a Rollo (or is that tempting fate?).
From Couponing to Disney

Need a quick, creepy snack? Grab some powdered donuts, plastic spiders and a sign. Yeah, I'm not hungry anymore either.
from Family Fresh Meals
What are your favorite cheap Halloween ideas?
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