Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Make It A Scary Godmother Halloween!

Do you love Mary Poppins but wish she was a little more... spooky? Have I got news for you!

Jill Thompson, accomplished illustrator and author, has created a Halloween icon and I am head over heels in love with her. Friends, have you met the Scary Godmother?

Scary Godmother is a series of comics, storybooks and two delightful Halloween cartoons all about the wonderful title character and he household of zany friends. She's a Halloween fairy tasked with making sure the holiday goes off without a hitch. She knits cobwebs and bakes crunchy autumn leaves. She's funny, charming and fully in charge of her domain. When a frightened girl named Hannah Marie stumbles into her realm, Scary Godmother takes her under her wing and helps her discover that scary stuff can be fun and that she's stronger than the things that frighten her.

The world of Scary Godmother is a Halloween delight. She lives in a perfectly gothic Addams Family style Victorian with Mr. Skully Pettibone, her campy skeleton roommate. He's the lovingly sarcastic counterbalance to Scary Godmother's exuberance. The bane of their existence is an ill-mannered British werewolf named, what else, Harry.  The last residence of the Halloween house is Bug-A-Boo, a huge fuzzy monster with a heart of gold.

The best characters, apart from Scary Godmother herself, are the vampire family. They're modeled on old silent movie vamps and just do not understand anything in this century. Count Maxwell (an illusion to Count Orlock from Nosferatu) and his wife Ruby (an illusion to Vampira) have a son named Orson who befriends Hannah Marie. The characters are all amazingly developed and sincerely fun to read and watch.

I was introduced to Scary Godmother by two animated specials that run on the Cartoon Network every Halloween. Despite a bit of wonky animation, the specials are full of heart. They're funny, adorable and have become a bit of a Halloween tradition. Likewise, the Scary Godmother comics have become their own tradition. Branching out from Halloween, they also include Scary Godmother and friends dealing with such shockingly strange and bizarre holidays as Valentine's Day and Christmas.

This is your formal invitation to the Fright Side! It's time to get to know Scary Godmother. Your Halloween is incomplete without her!
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