Friday, October 17, 2014

Here's What You'll Be Carving Into Your Pumpkin This Year

by Sara N.

We're a little over halfway through October, and that means two things. First, that Halloween candy you bought a little too early to hand out on the 31st? You've already eaten most of it. Just admit to yourself that you're going to have to buy a second bag  — but maybe don't buy it until the morning of. And second, it's time to start thinking about what you're going to carve into your Halloween pumpkin. Here are some of the best new geeky patterns for 2014.

Orange and Black Pumpkins has some cool stuff this year, including the 12th Doctor ...

... Groot ...

... and Tyrion Lannister. (He always pays his debts.)

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Pumpkin Jack has a huge collection of geeky stuff that's new in 2014, including patterns for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Doctor Who. I'm partial to this Gentleman. You can pair him with The Silence for quiet scares.

Zombie Pumpkins is a subscription service that always has great geeky options. Here are a few that are new in 2014:

Carole, the ultimate BAMF from The Walking Dead ...

... Sally and Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas ...

... the Genie from Aladdin ...

... and the witch and Snow White from, well, you know.

Speaking of snow and queens, of course there are pumpkin patterns for Frozen. You can find several here. 

The usually reliable Pink Raygun doesn't have any new patterns up so far this year, but consider this Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. logo. Technically it's from last year, but the show was an utter disappointment in 2013, so this is the first year this pattern would be acceptable. (Unless you're a comics fan, in which case you've probably been carving this into your pumpkins for the last 40 years, so keep on keepin' on.)

Stoneykins has many free, incredibly random yet intriguing pop culture patterns. (I mean, there's an Anne Frank pattern, which ... what? WHY?) But there's also one from the Beauty and the Beast TV show and David Bowie in Labyrinth, among many of the delights.

Also, holy shiz, I want to tackle this someday:

Finally, here's a roundup of geeky patterns I pulled together in 2012 (and it's also got links to instructions on carving and pumpkin care), as well as the patterns I created for pumpkins featuring the Night Vale logo and the bear triplets from Brave.

So, what are you planning to carve this year? Let me know in the comments!
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