Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Prep

It's Tuesday, Friday is just four days away, and the women of Stellar Four are getting ready for the big night in their own ways.

Sara N.

I don't have kiddos, so I don't have costume pressure or any plans beyond sitting at home and handing out candy while making awkward small talk with the chillruns who come to the door. (I'm stiff and awkward around kids, so my Halloween small talk is pretty weak.) But this year, since it's on a Friday night and all, I'm seriously considering playing this Halloween drinking game:

Upside: I probably won't be so tense around the kids. Downside: I'll probably die.

Megan S.

I don't have a costume to contribute, but I did get a cute Dia de los Muertos hair clip. Mine is customized with a fuller flower, but looks similar to this one from Etsy:

From SugarySkullsBoutique

Kathy F.

It's been years since I dressed up for Halloween other than wearing a tiger ear or devil horn headband. This year, however, after lots of asking and prodding from the kiddos and friends, I've decided to dress up. I have a few costume rules. It has to be cheap, comfy (I will be out in the cold running after kids hopped up on adrenaline and candy), and it has to come together in my typical half-assed fashion.

My costume: BAMF Red Riding Hood

Need: red hood, axe, jeans, combat boots, "Bad Wolf" t-shirt

So far I have the hood ($10 at Party City), the axe ($1 from the Dollar Store), jeans (got 'em already), boots (have my savvy shopper friend looking for deals), and the shirt.

 The shirt I made. $2 shirt from a sale at Jo-Ann's or Michael's + a Chlorox bleach pen. Luckily, I already have the scrawl of a serial killer, so just wrote out "BAD WOLF," rinsed the bleach out, washed it, ready to go.


I also anticipate that the consumption of hot cocoa will rise exponentially this week. Of course, if you're going to have cocoa, you have to have marshmallows. The kids love the mini marshmallows, so I get the cocoa packs that already have marshmallows. Unfortunately, most of the marshmallows melt as soon as you add the water. I hear whining about it often.

With this, that I just found for $1-something at the grocery store, melted marshmallows are a thing of the past. I can them after the cocoa loses some of it's molten tendencies.

And the family rejoices!

Note: I am well aware that cocoa tastes way better if you first heat some milk and whipping cream, then add the good 60% or better chocolate chips. I make it for myself often, but if I let the kids have that, then they will expect the good stuff all the time. They've become freaking locusts in the kitchen. Gotta take the easy steps when I can.
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