Friday, September 5, 2014

The Best Sci Fi/Fantasy Author Cameos in Movies and TV

by Sara N.

OK, at this point I'm challenging myself to see how many consecutive Outlander posts I can write. And in that spirit, I have to applaud author Diana Gabaldon's enjoyable cameo in last Saturday's episode, "The Gathering."

Her appearance was relatively large for the stunt casting of a non-actor. But more importantly, it was delightful. She gets thrown some excellent shade by Mrs. Fitz for her previously worn gown, and then she loudly shushes Claire for rudely speaking during the proceedings. In short, it's everything an author could ever dream of when she's banging out her story on her laptop (or typewriter, depending on the timeframe) and wondering if anyone else's eyes will ever gaze upon it.

And Gabaldon isn't the only author to pop up in movies and TV shows based on her work. Here's a list of the most memorable SF/F genre (and genre-adjacent) author cameos.

After Gabaldon's stint, the next-most recent author cameo was Charlaine Harris in last month's True Blood finale. It was terrible, but that wasn't her fault. (The ending of the final Southern Vampire Mysteries novel, though ... that's all on her.)

We all know that Stan Lee is the king of cameos, and it's impossible to pick which one is the best. Cranky chess player in The Avengers? Old military guy in Captain America? No, I have to go with librarian in The Amazing Spider-Man. (You can see many more of his cameos in gif form here.) 

Another king of cameos? Stephen. (Hey-ooooh!) My favorite is his pastor at a funeral in Pet Semetary, which scared the bejusus out of me when I was 13. 

Castle has the most authors per square inch, featuring Michael Connelly, Dennis Lehane, James Patterson and Stephen J. Cannell at Castle's poker games. None of those guys wrote the show they're in, but that's just too much authorial star power to ignore. Plus, you know, Nathan Fillion.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World featured creator Bryan Lee O'Malley and wife Hope Larson (bottom left).

Veronica Roth and husband Nelson Fitch (bottom left) are Dauntless in Divergent.

Cassandra Clare (center) is in The Mortal Instruments. I ... have no idea what's happening in this scene.

Irvine Welsh (right) wrote Trainspotting and played a dealer in the movie. This proceeds the toilet scene. (I mention that simply to remind you all that the toilet scene exists.)

 Peter Benchley plays a reporter in Jaws. Please note the width of his collar, from tip to tip.

And last but not least, Stephanie Meyer in Twilight. You thought I'd forgotten that one, didn't you? Have no fear, readers. I wouldn't let you down like that.

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