Friday, September 26, 2014

Say Farewell (For Now) to Outlander With These Jamie Fraser GIFs

by Sara N.

I don't know whether this will delight or disappoint everyone, but my Outlander coverage is coming to an end for now. The final episode of the first half of the first season airs tomorrow, and we won't see the next episode until April 4.

Of 2015.

The week the show debuted, I posted about it. And then the next week, I had more to say. By week three, it had become a personal challenge to myself: Could I post nothing but Outlander for the duration of its initial run?

I could. I did. And, ladies and gentlemen, I'm spent. So for my (probably, but who are we kidding, I imagine I'll circle back at some point) final Outlander post for the time being, I'm going out with a bang.

Actually, I'm going out with a lazy post. I've already written about the female gaze and handknits and recipes and whatnot. So here, please enjoy this enormous collection of GIFs of Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser, handsome man and literary hero to end all heroes. May they get us all through the six-month drought to come.

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