Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kickstarter: Countdown Until Now

"After attending the convention of a lifetime, a group of artists and writers came together to produce an anthology to celebrate it all."

Today we're spotlighting a project by our friend and former S4 regular, Asher Powell. Ash and Henry Barajas are co-directing a kickstarter campaign for COUNTDOWN UNTIL NOW, a comic anthology that looks freaking fantastic.

From the project page:

"The past, the present, the future bleed into one singular moment. Genres of every stripe, art styles of every mark. Dimension jumpers, convention attendees, crime fighting crusaders, little Vikings, and, even little old ladies converge into one comic anthology.

In 2012 a group of comic writers, artists, and fans went to an intimate convention in Las Vegas called Morrison Con. Inspired by three days of art, story, and talk of achieving other planes of existence, a small group decided to come together to produce an anthology like no other.

Countdown Until Now is a thrilling, eclectic mix of talent, genres and stories. Our team of nearly twenty creators from all walks of life have a tale to tell. Some of us wrote about our time together, others had their own worlds that needed exploring. We're bound by the madness we experienced together, and let us share it with you with our collection of 11 stories."

Not only does the artwork look fantastic, but the rewards are pretty good too.

For just $5 you get a PDF of the anthology and some personal thank you's. $5 FOR 11 STORIES! Yes, I know I'm yelling! For just $20 you get the PDF plus a signed print copy of the book plus other goodies. For $25 you get all of the previous goodies plus a sketch from one of the artists. There's more too, at higher price points there are posters as well as personal rewards from some of the artists. Those are limited in number and some are already gone, so act fast on the remaining rewards.

I'm very excited about this anthology, and I am totally in. The kickstarter had an impressive opening. As of this writing, there are 26 days to go and the project is 78% funded. Here's hoping they meet their initial goal so we can get into some stretch goals. For more info, head over to the kickstarter page.

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