Thursday, September 11, 2014

Distract Me, Please

Do you need a distraction today? I do for many reasons. Google to the rescue, right? The following are the first images or links that popped up for each search string.

First I typed in "make me laugh" resulting in:

Which gave me a chuckle, but not as funny as I hoped. "Make me guffaw," "laugh out loud funny" and "make me ROTFLMAO" all lead off with Pinterest boards that were OK, but not the funniest I've seen either. Also, people make Pinterest boards for everything.

"Funny stuff" gave me:

I am not up on my K-pop, unfortunately, so the funniness of this escapes me.

There is a "funny shit" tumblr (of course there is).

"Cute" sent me to Cute Overload (yes, there's kittens).

I suppose I should be grateful that while not the funniest or cutest things I've ever seen, I didn't hit on anything that required brain bleach.

For the final search, I had to go with a ringer, "give me something to sing about":

Do you have any good distractions to share?

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