Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back to School? There's a Shirt for That

Sometimes, I find out about a TeeFury t-shirt that looks awesome, but unfortunately, I was a few hours (or days) too late to grab it. I've found a few of them in the Gallery and sometimes they bring some back in a special collection, like the Back at Campus release. All 10 shirts in this back to school special are $18 each. Oh, there's more than a few designs that I want for my collection. Like:

 Brick in the Wall tee
I can get my classic rock and childhood toy loves in one shirt. Better than a Dark Side of the Moon velvet poster, am I right?

Mount Awesome tee
How is this much awesome contained in one shirt? It's a question for the ages.

Kitty tee
This last one was just adorable. So much WANT!

Any t-shirts you need to have in your closet?

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