Friday, August 29, 2014

Outlander: Come for the Scotsmen, Stay for the Hand Knits

by Sara N.

It's time for your weekly dose of Outlander, because that's apparently my regular beat now.

So. How much are you loving the hand knits we're seeing every week? Feast your eyes:

Mmmmmmmmm cowls and fingerless mitts. Look, I'd never actually want to travel back to a time without penicillin, deodorant and air conditioning, but I'm drooling over these gorgeous pieces. Knitting (or "clickit," as Jamie calls it) was obviously huge in 1700s Scotland. (Although seriously, Outlander, is it too much to ask for some knitted hats next?)

This is what we knitters do: We see, we covet, we create. And it hasn't taken long at all for Outlander-inspired pieces to hit EtsyRavelry, and Pinterest, the holy trifecta of crafting. If you don't clickit yourself, hit up Etsy to order some of these delicious pieces. But if you're a knitter, take a gander at some of my favorite lookalike patterns so far:

You can approximate Mrs. Randall's armwear above with Claire's Gauntlets by Carol Ruhl.

Creamery Shrug by Kirsten Hipsky is similar to Claire's semi-sweater.

(Off topic: This of course makes me think of Hugh Jackman saying, "fresh creamery butter." He's the only thing yummier than the handknits in this post.)

I feel like Mrs. Fitz would scoff at this name, but the Romantic Above the Elbow Arm Warmers by Toni M. Fox have some of her homespun flair.

OK, so Geillis' headscarf isn't hand knit, but you can still make yourself a lookalike with the Hooded Wrap by Sabrina Judge.

Openwork Infinity Scarf by Karen Clements is the project I'll be working on next, I think, because I must have a copy of Claire's neckwarmer. And her gauntlets are similar to one of my favorite knitting projects: Persephone Cable Fingerless Knits by SmarieK.

Can you believe all this handmade goodness, after only three episodes? And with that, I ask you to tune in next Friday when I no doubt will be talking more about my new favorite show.

(P.S. Please congratulate me on getting through a whole Outlander post without a single Sam Heughan picture.)
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