Monday, August 25, 2014

Have You Ever Miraculously Avoided a Tech Disaster?

by Sara N.

My precious
Friends, I have witnessed a miracle.

Picture the scene. I'm walking to my car with my Kindle in one hand and my purse in the other. Realizing I've left my phone inside the building, I set my burdens on the hood of my car and run back. Mission accomplished, I unlock the doors, stow my purse inside, pull out of the parking lot and proceed down the block.

And then I hear it.


Something black goes flying up my windshield and over the top of my car.

"Uhhhhhhh what was that?" I ask my husband.

"That looked like ... was that a Kindle?" my husband responds.

I gasp and slam on my brakes, and my husband, good egg that he is, leaps out of the car and braves oncoming traffic to pluck my beloved reading device from the middle of the busy road. I grip my steering wheel, in agony of what I'll find when it's returned to me.

My husband comes bounding back to the car.

"I'm afraid to look," I tell him. "How bad?"

He's momentarily silent as he looks it over. I'm picturing a shattered screen, a case cracked down the middle, an expensive lightweight brick.

"It's ... it's OK," he says, wondering warming his voice. "It works. It's changing pages. It's only a little scuffed on the bottom corner."

Behold, the carnage.
I reach for my reading companion and smooth my fingers down its almost entirely unblemished sides. I flip through an experimental few pages of "The Magician's Land" to satisfy myself that it is, in fact, in perfect working order. And it is.

So. That's my technology miracle for the summer. Hats off to Amazon for making one heck of a product that survived a short flight and a hard fall — case-less, no less.

How about you, readers? Ever had a device you thought for sure was a goner, only to find it defying the odds?
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  1. Knock on wood - I've kept all of my devices in protective cases and treat them like children. I always check to make sure where they are at any given time. I didn't buy any of them and I could never afford to replace them so they are precious jewels that get special care.

    I have had them slip out of my hands once or twice but thankfully only while in their cases.

    I'm glad yours survived its flight!

    1. On the flip side, I watch my husband drop his phone two feet, and the screen shattered. There's no predicting it!