Monday, August 18, 2014

Halloween Cometh

by Megan S.

Flying Dragon Platter
I, like the rest of the Stellar Four ladies, like to keep Halloween in my heart year round, so I've been waiting with baited breath for this year's new creepy decor.  I've been checking Pottery Barn's website practically everyday for their latest goodies and they're finally here!  Oh, you guys, I want so many things.  Number one on the list is the most awesome cake stand EVER.   Thank goodness my birthday is just around the corner, because I think I might just be getting it from the most wonderful mother in the world...


So, anywho, I think you'll love a number of the pieces too.  Here are my faves.

More of the medieval collection
The medieval collection definitely has a Game of Thrones feel to it. Sword plates, dragon bowls, and the dagger cheese knifes are the best of the rest.

Chemistry Set and Periodic Table of Elements
Skip the skull decanter (you can get the Crystal Head vodka for just a few bucks more and it comes with actual booze).  The test tube bud vases are what you want!  You can also order that ginormous Periodic Table behind it for a ridiculous price.

Skeleton Martini Glass
It's hard to see these Martini glasses in the Chemistry Set collection, and they're definitely worth a second look.  They're creepy AND pretty.

Alligator collection

I don't even like alligator skulls, but they're so creepy that they're worth listing here.

Mixed Double Old Fashioned set in black
OK, so these Double Old Fashioned glasses are technically from Pottery Barn's sister store Williams-Sonoma.  AREN'T THEY FANTASTIC?  I need them!
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  1. I want that dragon platter! Forget Halloween, I'd use it all the time!!!