Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Evil Arts & Crafts

by the Ladies of Stellar Four


Any super villain worth their volcano lair will tell you that a costume is essential for proper goody-two-shoes fighting. Here at Supervillain Summer Camp, you'll learn the basics of fashion! You'll master everything from learning to sew, to making patterns and designing your own outfits that will strike fear in the hearts of superheroes everywhere. You'll also be taught the finer points of makeup's uses so you can take your look from henchman to head villain in charge!


Developing acting chops will aid your villainy in many unexpected ways. From gaining the confidence and gravitas to give that gloating speech to your soon to be doomed hero, to using improv to help you always roll with the punches. During this activity, you'll learn all the rules of acting, improv and comedy. At the end of the summer, we'll perform Titus Andronicus, Shakespeare's most villainous play.

Video Production

Prefer a more elegant and insidious way to bend the minds of your victims? Learn how to manipulate the media and television-viewing public through subliminal messages and propaganda. Create viral videos, with extra credit if they contain actual viruses.


Here at Supervillain Summer Camp, we'll teach you how to take a lanyard, that summer camp arts and craft staple, and make it actually useful for both offense and defense. We'll teach you how to embed small, bead-like explosives into your handmade lanyards so your enemies, those do-gooders, will unknowingly wear the means of their demise around their necks. (Classes on the infiltration skills necessary to lure your enemies into wearing your hand-crafted jewelry will be tomorrow afternoon, as is the workshop on timed remote explosives.) And if you prefer to make lanyard for your own benefit, we'll teach you how to reinforce a lanyard's tensile strength to accommodate the weight of a KA-BAR knife or small Glock.
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