Friday, August 15, 2014

A Talent for Villainy

by the Ladies of Stellar Four

As we near the end of your stay at Camp Supervillain, we come to the moment that either terrifies you, sealing your doom as you quiver, a deer in the light of the oncoming truck, or like the proverbial butterfly spreading its wings, promotes you to the loftiest heights. Be sure you are a Monarch. They're poisonous.

It's time for our annual talent show. We'll share some of the past performances of our illustrious staff, as well as a performance from a rival villain academy, in the hopes of inspiring you. Do not disappoint.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz tells us about life in Gimmelshtump.

Loki shows off some moves (a man of many personas). Take notes in how to work a crowd.

Ursula sings and convinces her victim to make a deal. Expertly done.

The Academy of Villains dance crew. Precision and style.

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