Thursday, July 10, 2014

What's in a Keyword?

Every so often I like to take a look at the keywords you fine folks have used to find content on Stellar Four. Some weeks, it's fairly innocuous. Some days however, you are quite inventive.

My number one favorite is "naked Nathan Fillion." There are so many things right about this. First, Nathan Fillion. Then naked. Followed by the fact that these keywords keep popping up on the top of the list. The best people come to visit us. Did you find this picture and this post? I hope you enjoyed it.

Other popular topics have included Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Jensen Ackles, and My Little Pony. Here are some more from this week.

Rainbow Dash - Currently quite popular, with several searches from just the name to "art nouveau". I hope you found Lilly too.

Worst X-Files episodes - A few weeks ago, it was "best X-Files episodes." I think some of you are  binging. Luckily, you can find the best, worst and weirdest episodes here.

Amy Pond pregnant - Hmmmm...More binging? Trying to plan a Doctor Who themed baby shower? (however given Amy's pregnancy, not quite the theme I would choose) Maybe getting cosplay or Halloween costume ideas?

And my current second favorite: "boy meets world harry potter" - Megan did write a theory on the similarities between the two. That is also an interesting matchup. I can see Topanga and Hermione rolling their eyes at each other as the boys get into shenanigans. Mr. Feeny and McGonagall could get some coffee and dish about unruly yet lovable students.

What will you search for next week?
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