Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Omens Are Good

While I like to think of myself as an intellectual above baseless gossip, I can't help but be completely head over heels in LOVE with a rumor that Neil Gaiman himself has thrown into the shark infested waters of Twitter.

Good god, I sound like Rita Skeeter.

A tantalizing rumor has cropped up that Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's brilliantly funny Good Omens may be getting the BBC Radio Play treatment ala Neverwhere. After the successful release of the awesome Neverwhere radio play (featuring James McAvoy, Natalie Dormer and that loveable scamp Benedict Cumberbatch), Gaiman said he'd love to work again with the people that made it happen. He and the beloved Terry Pratchett were seen recently with Dirk Maggs, the man who brought Neverwhere to life for BBC Radio.

When asked during a random Twitter Q&A if more BBC radio plays would be produced, Gaiman cryptically answered "I mean, the omens are good...". DONE, THIS IS HAPPENING, GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!
The Neverwhere radio production was stunning and you can find it on iTunes if you haven't listened to it yet. The cast was perfect and it was lovingly crafted into a funny, scary production. What's a radio play, you ask? It's basically like a podcast with a full cast of characters. The BBC has a long history of producing amazing radio dramas and comedies even though the medium isn't exactly popular anymore. They saw a resurgence of interest when Neverwhere premiered and doing Good Omens would keep the momentum going. 

So this this news is true and the Good Omens radio play actually does exist, who would you cast in it? I'm throwing my complete and utter support behind Tom Hiddleston as Crowley the demon. I wonder how they'll cast Death? Who could speak in his iconic CAPITAL LETTERS?
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