Friday, July 25, 2014

My Conflicted Nerd Crush: Seth MacFarlane

by Sara N.

We here at Stellar Four like to periodically bring you the celebrity nerds we're crushing on at a given moment. As I was reminiscing yesterday about that time I told the world how much I love Weird Al Yankovic, I realized that it's been far too long since our last nerd crush post. (For the record: Stephen Colbert, December 2012.)

So today, let me tell you about a nerd crush that has me feeling extremely conflicted: Seth MacFarlane.

I didn't want to like Seth MacFarlane. I don't enjoy most of the entertainment he produces. I hated his Oscars hosting gig and his gross song about actresses' boobs. I am decidedly not a fan of The Family Guy. I find his accents to be hammy and insufferable and his humor to be stupidly juvenile.

But dammit, Seth has recently made it impossible for me to hate him.

First, he put out Music is Better Than Words, an album of Broadway standards and Sinatra-style songs. I defy anyone to listen his pleasingly resonant singing voice and not get a little tingly.

Then, he hosted Saturday Night Live, and he was legitimately funny. Worse, the following Monday, all of my husband's coworkers kept telling him how much he looked like that fella who just hosted SNL. It was like that How I Met Your Mother episode when everyone starts noticing the obvious flaws in their loved ones.

Drat, I realized. My husband does strongly resemble that entertainer I hate. This led to a period of intense sexual confusion.

Things moved quickly from there. MacFarlane's a big Game of Thrones fan (so much so that he apparently dated Emilia Clarke for a while, which random, but OK). He's also a staunch supporter of gay rights, so good for him.

And then came Cosmos, which MacFarlane championed and executive produced. His commitment to the project was genuine: "Never more than at this moment in the modern era have we needed a profound reminder of the colossally important and exciting role that science, space exploration and the human quest for knowledge must continue to play in our development as a species," MacFarlane said when the show began.

And then? That bastard went and pledged $1 million to the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter. Turns out, he's a book-loving, science-supporting, Broadway-singing bonafide nerd.

So I give up, Seth MacFarlane. You're kind of awesome. I'll never watch your cartoons, and I find your endless accents exhausting, but you as a person seem kind of great, actually. Oh, and your stupid handsome face is OK, too.

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  1. I had a little crush on him before reading this post, but now it just got bigger. :)