Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Is A Lady Thor Necessary?

Today Marvel announced a new direction for their Thor imprint, which has a woman Thor picking up the mighty hammer. The internet did a collective head tilt.

I am going to go out on a limb here with an opinion that is probably going to be unpopular, but is a Lady Thor truly necessary? To me, it kind of feels like pandering...

Bear with me here. Everything about this is hinky. They took this news to The View, which is just insane. What does The View know about comic books? (Hell, what do they know about women's issues? They're awful). It feels like Marvel thought "what do ladies watch? The View!". The women on The View seemed to have no idea what to do with this announcement either, making it a very awkward segment that involved vaccine-hating crazy person Jenny McCarthy to remark on Lady Thor's "super powered boobies". I just... I can't.

Why not use a geeky female outlet to announce this news? Let The Mary Sue run the story, or have Felicia Day announce it? Why give it to the brain dead talking heads of The View? I'm still puzzled by this.

I know what Marvel is trying to do. They have a focus on making more female superheros and I think that is AWESOME. The latest Miss Marvel has been kicking ass and taking names and there's going to be a new Storm series in the fall. We could definitely use more positive female roles in comic books that go beyond T&A eye candy. Honestly, the design of Lady Thor is pretty awesome. No crazy cleavage or weird proportions. She has boob armor, but that isn't THAT bad. She's wearing actual clothing. Real pants, real armor! It just feels kind of... cheap that we're getting a woman who is basically a female version of an already established hero. Where is the creativity, Marvel? How hard was it to come up with an original Asgardian woman? Maybe a Valkyrie or something? Or dig into Norse mythology and find a cool woman character. It feels like such a cop out to be like "It's Thor... but a woman!". Aren't we better than this?

It's great they're adding another female character, but doesn't it defeat the purpose if she's just a girl version of an established male character? I know this happens all the time in comics and most of the big name heroes have female counterparts but this feels really... unnecessary. Don't think I don't want more female characters in comics, I DO. I want more representation. I just wish it wasn't just a rehashed character we already have. Thor is awesome. Lady Thor has the potential to be awesome. I just have a lot of complicated feels about this.

What are your thoughts about the new Thor direction that Marvel is taking? Tell me in the comments!
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  1. I'm interested to see where they take it but we already have a Lady Thor in Lady Sif. Why can't we get a Lady Sif comic series? And I completely agree that how they reported it on The View was stupid.

  2. Jeff Patterson agrees with you in that there are plenty of Marvel female superheroes for them to showcase instead of doing this, if they wanted. Daughters of Thor facing off against Galactus, as just one of many examples.

    I give them points for *trying* (also c.f. Ms. Marvel) even if not perfect by any means.

    But to announce it on the View? Weird.

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