Thursday, July 17, 2014

Halloween in July

from Evil Supply Co
I don't know who came up with the whole "Christmas in July" concept, but I do know that they are categorically, emphatically, and all things -ally wrong. Winter is cold, snow, biting winds and general miserableness when you have to venture outside. Don't even get me started on Christmas with its shopping and endless familial expectations.

When it was 106 the other day, I wasn't wishing for yuletide carols. Oh no, I wanted Halloween.

It's the best freaking time of the year. The time of sweater weather, the trees are changing into their fall best, candy, sweaters, chill air that doesn't yet bite, fun costumes, and sweaters (so important I had to name them 3 times).

So, instead of hoping Old Man Winter stops by to ease those hot summer days, how about saving a spot for Jack Skellington?

Here are a few other goodies to create that cool Fall feeling.

If you're feeling crafty, get a head start on your Halloween decorations with these awesome chicken wire ghosts. 

By Slim Jim at Wacky Archives (via Fine Craft Guild)

 A stop by Stellar Four favorite Evil Supply Co is always good to get in the Halloween spirit.

Early Halloween cards

Anything Poe is always a good bet, like this glorious bag.
Edgar Allen Stow Tote from ModCloth

 Or this shirt:
Edgar Allen Poe Nevermore tee from Plasticland

I think I'm in love with this necklace.
Gothic Matryoshka pendant from PunkTrunk

A little creepy and cool at the same time:
Message From Beyond tank from Plasticland

Something to wear while checking out the moon:

Wolfman Silhouette necklace from Pinup Girl Clothing

Now I think I'll just immerse myself in Halloweentown and watch Jack and his merry bunch of monsters take over Christmas.
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