Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Half-Way Point! A 52 Book Challenge Check-In!

It's hotter than Mount Doom out there, so now is a perfect time to stay in the AC with a good book! It's week 30 of the 52 book challenge! We're a little over the half-way point for the year and you should have at least 30 books read to be on pace to get to 52! So how are you doing?

I'm ahead of pace with 38 books (whoo!) which is good because I've become completely bogged down with Patrick Rothfuss' epic fantasy The Name of the Wind. It started out so slowly and now it's become exciting! Still, it's over 700 pages so I'll be stuck following Kvothe for a while. Patrick Rothfuss, you are trying to kill me.

Sadly, I also finished my epic Harry Potter re-read. Since January 1st I have been reading one chapter a night and on July 18th, after 199 days and 4,184 pages, it came to an end. I am bereft. I got SO into them. I miss them so much. For the past seven months I’ve had those books and characters as my nightly companions. It was incredibly hard to get to the end. Despite how sad I am that it’s over, I feel so happy that I did that re-read. Those books are an absolute joy and they brought up a lot of happy memories and really good, warm feelings.

Of course, since I finished the series, I’ve been going Harry Potter crazy. Boredly typing “Harry Potter” into etsy was a giant, giant mistake. I also got all eight movies in a blu-ray boxset and I plan to watch them in one glorious weekend marathon soon. 

My battered old copy of Neverwhere
My next nightly chapter re-read will be my favorite, Neil Gaiman. I am currently four chapters in to Neverwhere and after that will be Stardust and American Gods. That should get me to October, where I re-read Roger Zelazny’s A Night in the Lonesome October. I’m not sure what I’ll read in November, but December is Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Christmas tale, Hogfather.

So give us an update! How many books have you read this year? Are you on pace to beat the 52 Book Challenge? What are you reading now? Let us know in the comments! There are only 22 weeks left!
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