Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Killer Cosmetics

Geeky makeup isn't anything new. Small nerdy cosmetics companies have sprung up on Etsy like wildfire as people saw money in naming nail polish after Firefly characters. The quality is inconsistent at best. Some companies do amazing work, others are just a fun name on some subpar powder. That's what makes the Hannibal inspired collection by Aromaleigh so special. It's SO GOOD!

Hannibal on NBC is a gruesome runaway hit that I can barely believe is on network TV. You want violence and cannibalism? This show is for you! The main draw of Hannibal are the astounding acting from the men who play Dr. Hannibal Lector and Will Graham, Mads Mikklesen and Hugh Dancy respectively. The other thing it's known for is it's spectacular art style. This show has Bryan Fuller's fingerprints all over it in the very best of ways.

It only makes sense that this visually arresting show has become a Tumblr darling and lightening rod of fan creativity. Enter Aromaleigh Cosmetics and awesome blogger Cleolinda Jones.

Aromaleigh is a small mineral cosmetics company. They do small, limited runs in some fantastic colors and are genuinely known to produce high quality make up. They're also nerdy as all get out. After making a collection of colors based on BBC's Sherlock, the company joined with superfan and hilarious blogger, Cleolinda Jones to create an incredible Hannibal collection. Based on Twitter and Tumblr injokes, as well as quotes and scenes from the show, the colors are named everything from "Murder Tie" and "Raven Stag" to "Feast" and "Abattoir".

Challenging themselves to put out three colors per episode of Hannibal, there are now over twenty shades with more coming! Each one is  astoundingly beautiful. Some colors shimmer while others are matte. They're all stunning and there's a shade here for even the most discerning makeup aficionado. Samples of each color are a steal at $1 and a full jar will only set you back $6.50. 

See below for some of the color swatches. They're to die for!

Bone Arena

Antler Velvet

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