Thursday, May 1, 2014

We Need Diverse Books

If you are on twitter, you might have noticed  trending. This particular campaign started with kids literature as a focus (see here for more info), but it is part of the loud (and getting louder) call for diversity in characters, books, movies, comics, video games, authors, illustrators, content creators, across the board. It underscores a basic fact that representation is important and necessary.

There are a few blogposts, such as this and this and this, but what resonates with me are the personal stories and pictures that detail why this topic is so vital.

Here is mine. We need diverse books because these are my daughter's wheels

but they are not the sum of her story.

I've been looking for childrens books featuring characters with disabilities, and not just ones that exist to show the main character that kids with special needs are people too, or that make you picture this at the end:

Life is not a PSA or After School Special
I want stories with kids like her who are adventurous, curious, and people with flaws and strengths. I'm still looking.

I encourage you to check out  and to share your own story. Then go buy some books to support authors who are bringing diverse characters to life.
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