Thursday, May 22, 2014

Let's Go Ride a Bike

May is National Bike Month. True, we are close to the end of said month, but a long weekend is ideal to get out on the trails, beach, or neighborhood and go for a ride.

At the end of summer last year I did something I hadn't done in 10 years. I rode a bike.

And the adage is true, it is "just like riding a bike." I expected a longer period to re-learn, but that wasn't the case at all. After a bit of riding in circles in front of my house, I was soon cruising the neighborhood. In this:
Classic Electra Cruiser

I love it. It is comfortable to ride, steers easy, and I even like the color. Of course, if you want to go mountain biking or have dreams of Tour glory, then this isn't your bike. I am not going to be tearing through the wilderness anytime soon and I refuse to wear Lycra bike clothes, so my Electra is perfect for me.

I think that the other 4 ladies of S4 should join me. They are sparkly (Megan), come in green (close enough for our resident Slytherin), and while they might not be functional time travel devices (sorry, Sara), they might help you recapture a little bit of youthful freedom.

We could be the four horsewomen of the apocalypse. Or part of Adam's anti-apocalypse crew riding forth on our bikes to save the day (a la Good Omens). Whatever. I call Death.

Read on for more goodies for your ride.

I might have to get these for the whole family:
See'Ems - Mini LED Bicycle Spoke Lights from ThinkGeek
Although I think I'll save these for myself:
Use Your Head Bicycle Lights from ModCloth
I went with the Nutcase helmet. I did like the fun designs, but best part was the magnetic clasp. No pinching, no struggle to get it closed. Easy.
Star Bright helmet from Nutcase
Of course, I found some tees:

Wells quote shirt from vortrextradingcompany on etsy
Skeleton bicycle tee from FullSpectrumApparel on etsy

Penny Farthing tee from purplecactusdesign on etsy
And a very cute dress:
Merrily You Roll Along Dress from ModCloth
A little jewelry to mark the occasion:

Highways and Bikeways Earrings from ModCloth

Mr. Darcy's New Ride Necklace from Plasticland

How do you roll?

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