Friday, May 2, 2014

Drama... Alpaca?

It's Friday! The sweet, sweet victory of another week slain on the field of battle. It's time to relax, wear nothing but pajamas for the next two days and sleep in.

For some of us here on Stellar Four and for some of our friends, this has been a week from the deepest, darkest depths of Hell itself. Between myself, the S4 girls, my Twitter feed and my real life coworkers I've heard of massive car problems, injuries, hospitalizations, job problems, massive disappointments and crushing defeats. It's been a bad luck ragnarok out there, folks.

The bright, shinning moment in this hellish week has been a special delivery from our own Ash, Stellar Four member in emeritus. She attended a con last week and posted pictures on her Twitter of the most adorable, fuzzy looking, happy little stuffed animals I've ever seen in my entire life. I just about had a melt down over the toxic levels of cute these things emitted and was trying to figure out how much shipping from Hong Kong would be so I could have my very own. Like the heroic goddess of all things awesome that she is, Ash offered to get me one and ship it to me.

Thus, Toffee the Alpacasso arrived to my house.

Toffee and Hellboy became fast friends
Alpacassos are unspeakably adorable alpaca/llama plushies from, where else, Japan. I've become just slightly obsessed with them. Having Toffee's cute crooked little face to come home to has been the only part of my week that didn't suck and when it came down to sitting and writing an article for today, all I could focus on was the cute little alpacasso that was sitting on my desk and gazing cheerfully at me.

I figure we could all use a little cute fuzzy animal today so in the spirit of the internet rule that adorable animals cure all woes, here are some videos of alpacassos being so cute they should be banned or weaponized.

And because this is the internet, please enjoy this video of pallas cats gamboling around a zoo. Hey, Japan, can I also get a plushie of one of them?

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