Friday, May 9, 2014

Be Grateful for Your Mom: A Poem for Mother's Day

by Sara N.

In honor of Mother's Day, and in the spirit of the many greeting cards that flood the market this time of year, please enjoy this poem honoring a few of the SF/F genre's most notorious moms.

(Apologies in advance to anyone with a grasp of the English language.)

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I love my mom
Bet you love yours, too

But some other moms
Out there in the 'Verse
Books, movies, TV
It could be so much worse

On Game of Thrones
Most moms are nuts
Olenna is murder
Lysa just sucks

Cersei's insane
Catelyn is dead
Dany's got dragons
'Cause she never bred

Lori's a mom
Whom we all mock
Carl's not in the house?
Oh gee, what a shock

Your other mother
Oh, sweet Coraline
Has buttons for eyes
And your soul on the line

Good old Padme
Could have been good
But she just gave up
Couldn't care for her brood

Sarah Connor means well
Don't want to alarm ye
But she'll raise you up as
Her personal army

Poor Syd Bristow's mom
Came back to life
Turns out she was still 
A bad mom and bad wife

Regina's a baddie
She always is plotting
But is she repenting?
We'll have to keep watching

Carrie's mom is a psycho 
She rants and she hates
But Carrie will make it
(Though not her classmates)

Those kids in the attic
Their mom's quite a cougar
But don't eat the donuts
'Cause that isn't sugar

All these fictional mothers
No one nice in the bunch
Why not call up your own
And take her to lunch?

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