Tuesday, May 27, 2014

20 Ways to Celebrate the New Harry Dresden Book Today

by Sara N.

The new Dresden Files book is out today! Jim Butcher's Skin Game is the 15th entry in the ongoing Harry Dresden saga. Unlike lots of long-running urban fantasy series, this one is still going strong. And I adore Harry, so naturally, I'm excited.

In light of this, here are 20 ways that you can share your enthusiasm for today's release of the new book.

  • Wear a charm bracelet
  • Order a really good steak sandwich and a beer
  • Summer be damned, put on your black leather duster
  • Carry on conversations with a skull
  • Rent a VW bug for the day, blue if possible
  • Get your hair done by a really handsome emotional vampire
  • Form an uneasy alliance with the local lethal gangster
  • Play a game of D&D
  • Avoid unicorns at all costs
  • Take nothing but cold showers
  • Carry a staff
  • Pepper your conversation with "hells bells" and "stars and stones"
  • Find an empty, heavily wooded island that gives off a vague sense of personal doom, and spend some time there
  • Adopt a dog. Try not to be surprised when he seems to have mystical powers. 
  • Wear a glove on your left hand
  • Get involved in a sure-to-be-doomed romance
  • Carry around a virtuous sword (OK, some of these ideas aren't great if you're planning to be in an airport today)
  • Shun technology; refuse to carry your mobile phone
  • Take out a cryptic classified ad in the local paper
  • Try to get your own fairy godmother. Actually, maybe don't do that.

So that's my list today. How will you celebrate New Dresden Files Book Day — other than by reading it, of course?

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