Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's Easy Being Green with this Delightfully Random Earth Day List

by Sara N.

Today is Earth Day, and in celebration, here's a totally random list of my favorite green people, places, and things from comics, movies and TV.

Poison Ivy

The Green Lantern's bling

The Incredible Hulk

The Credible Hulk

She Hulk

Keep reading for many, many, many more ...

Star Trek's green skinned alien

Harry Potter's eyes as they were meant to be, dammit

The Green Goblin

The Emerald City

The Jolly Green Giant

Kryptonite (it keeps Superman humble)


Kermit and his song

The X-Files' little green men (I know, I know. They're actually gray.)

Anyanka's vengeance demon necklace


The green fairy from Moulin Rouge 

The Joker's hair

The Green Dragon Inn from The Lord of the Rings (I want to go to there.)

Beast Boy, Teen Titans Go! version


The Bronze (you know, because, uh, bronze sometimes gets a green patina?)

Peeta's camouflage 

WALL-E (Hey, this movie increased my recycling by at least 300 percent. If that's not green, what is?)

So hit me: What did I miss?
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