Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Introducing the Kids to Discworld

A couple of weeks ago I posted some books that I added to the kids bookshelves in anticipation of summer reading. Of course, you know I didn't stop there. That would be crazy.

Discworld is one of my favorite fantasy series of all time. From the humor to the philosophy to the incredible cast of characters, Terry Pratchett's books are a fixture on my shelf.

The kids have gotten a taste of the fascinating world atop the Great A'Tuin from the Hogfather miniseries, but they really don't get it yet.

They will when we start the Tiffany Aching books. These are young adult books and start at around #30 in the overall series. In her first book, Tiffany is 9, the same age as my eldest, which will have definite appeal. I happened to find the first two Tiffany Aching books combined in THE WEE FREE MEN: THE BEGINNING. For the price of one book you get two. Not bad. Not bad at all.

The blurbage:

"When Tiffany Aching sets out to become a witch, she faces ominous foes and gains unexpected allies. As she confronts the Queen of Fairies and battles an ancient, bodiless evil, she is aided (and most ably abetted) by the six-inch-high, fightin', stealin', drinkin' Wee Free Men.

Laugh-out-loud humor and breathtaking action combine in the books that launched the unforgettable adventures of a determined young witch and her tiny but fierce blue friends."

While I've read most of the Discworld books, I have not read these yet. That makes this the perfect choice for a family read-along.

The kids have missed out on the wonders of Terry Pratchett for too long already. Time to fix that.

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