Friday, April 11, 2014

Funding a New Adventure in Kate Milford's Arcana

I adore Kate Milford's writing. Her middle grade (but still enjoyable for adults) books are full of intriguing characters and marvelous adventure, with the right mix of darkness and hope.

The work-in-progress cover.
Last year, Milford launched The Arcana Project, funded on kickstarter and resulted in an amazing story and artwork (the artists include illustrator Andrea Offermann and very talented reader artists). She is back again with Bluecrowne. You can view the Kickstarter page here.

There are still 2 weeks to go and the project is about 44% funded. At 50%, the bonus short stories start.

A little bit from the page (and Kate) about the history of the project:

"Bluecrowne is the second self-published (print and digital) book in the Arcana Project series. The Arcana Project books take place in and around the world of my traditionally-published novels The Boneshaker and The Broken Lands, and the forthcoming Greenglass House (Clarion, 2014) and The Left-Handed Fate (Holt, 2015). For those who've read my earlier books, Bluecrowne will act as a sort of connector from those books to the two that are coming out next. However, Bluecrowne is a stand-alone novel. It is not necessary to have read any of my other books to read and enjoy it.
The big idea:

As I explained last year when I launched the Arcana Project with The Kairos Mechanism, I want to experiment with self-publishing as a way to promote and enhance traditional releases by providing extra content to readers in the form of complete, related tales. I want to create these extra stories in ways that involve readers directly, and to use resources that support independent bookstores. In 2014 and 2015 I have two books with new protagonists that are (sort of secretly) related to the world of The Boneshaker. Bluecrowne is your road map to how they are connected, and also a stand-alone story in its own right. With your participation, it will be released in April.

The Kairos Mechanism (Arcana #1), was funded and published in September of 2012, and it got some fairly impressive accolades from folks at Kirkus, Bookslut, and BoingBoing. It was nominated for the Cybil Awards and included in BoingBoing's holiday gift guide as well as NYPL rock star Betsy Bird's 100 Magnificent Children's Books of 2012. People liked it, is what I'm saying. Kickstarter backers received a digital edition with a bonus short story. The illustrated edition included original art from fifteen young artists (see below for more on the Illustrated Kairos). Good times were had by all.

So now it's time for Volume 2."

Awesome story by a gifted author + phenomenal artwork from Andrea Offermann and reader artists = SO MUCH WIN

I'm still a relative newbie to the whole kickstarter phenomena, but so far have had excellent luck with all of the projects I've backed.

If fantasy rooted in folklore is your thing, might I suggest reading THE BONESHAKER and THE BROKEN LANDS, and then hopping over to Kickstarter to back BLUECROWNE.

Kate Milford:

THE BONESHAKER  Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Indiebound

THE BROKEN LANDS Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Indiebound

Note: Although there is a note in the "Rewards and Money Stuff" about mailings to bloggers, I am not in that company. I am just a happy reader and a backer of the project and I'm not getting anything extra for posting this.

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