Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Checking In With The 52 Book Challenge

Hello and welcome to your first 52 Book Challenge check in! Where are your book counts?

For those not in the know, the 52 Book Challenge is a way to challenge yourself and read 52 books in 2014, roughly one book a week. Books, e-books, short stories, novellas and graphic novels count but magazines, single issue comics and web articles don't. Last year I read 59 and a half books so my target is a little higher.

This week is the 15th week of 2014 (where does the time go, I ask you?) so you should have 15 books under your belt to be on pace. I'm at 15 right now, which puts me below where I should be if I want to beat my total from last year. I started the year off rough with a severe book ennui that left me with no desire to pick up a new volume of anything. That ennui has been shattered by an outpouring of incredible new science fiction novels that have been like a cattle prod to my imagination. I'm currently reading The Martian by Andy Weir, which Sara reviewed last week and I agree with her review. It's an intensely engrossing novel. It's so good that I nearly missed my train stop reading it... and then strongly considered continuing reading and missing my stop entirely because I literally could not put it down.

My other reading challenge is going incredibly well. On January 1st I started a re-read of all seven Harry Potter books. I haven't missed a day yet despite being laid low by a four-week long plague in March. I dutifully read a chapter every single night. It's actually a nice, relaxing activity that gets me ready to sleep. It hasn't been all shine and rainbows though. My sleeping habits are pretty poor and I've found myself staring down the barrel of a forty page chapter at 1am on a Tuesday night and regretted everything. Overall it's been really fun re-reading them and noticing things I completely missed when I was younger and noting the differences between the film and the novels. I just started on book 5, The Order of the Phoenix.

So how are you doing with the 52 Book Challenge? Only 37 weeks left!
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  1. I am at 28 3/4 books so far this year. Some of them have been rereads and a few short stories.

  2. I'm not doing the challenge, but I also just started a re-read of all the HP books and am also just starting Order of the Phoenix! How funny. You're right, it's pretty interesting to catch all the little details you missed the first time around. Loving it!

  3. Just finished up book 15 today! Next up, Cress by Marissa Meyer.

  4. I'm at 27 for this year's challenge. We're still working through Harry Potter #1, but I expect to read more of that with the kiddos over the summer.

  5. Yay! You like The Martian!

    I'm starting book 17 tonight ...

  6. According to Goodreads I'm at 22, but I don't actually add a lot of the ebooks I read. So while my true total is higher, that does include some audiobooks.

  7. I've actually finished my challenge! I've read 54 books toward the challenge for now. I've read a lot of manga and children/young teenagers novels so those are fast reads. My personal challenge is to read 40+ books that I own to make my TBR pile er shelf less than 200 books. If only I could stop borrowing books or rereading...
    For those who are rereading HP, a journalist at does a reread: she reads one or two chapter(s) per week and writes an article. Her and the commenters' insight are really great.