Thursday, April 17, 2014

Adding to the Bookshelves

Using the Scholastic book fairs at school, coupons from B&N, sales on Amazon and some of my ebook settlement credit, I've been steadily adding new books to the kids shelves in preparation for summer reading.

Annnnnd maybe I'm passing my book hoarding onto my children. I can live with it.

This week, THE FORBIDDEN LIBRARY by Django Wexler arrived. A girl, a mysterious library, and getting sucked into books. Literally. We've already started reading it. Still in the early chapters but liking it so far.

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Also newly discovered, the Samantha Sutton series by Jordan Jacobs. Book one, THE LABYRINTH OF LIES, is on the shelf. The description says it's "Indiana Jones meets Nancy Drew." Yes, please! Action, myths, mystery and archaeological adventure, this is perfect summer reading.

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AKATA WITCH by Nnedi Okorafor is set in Nigeria where a young albino girl feels completely out of place until she discovers she has magical abilities. Okorafor is a phenomenal storyteller, so I'm very interested in this tale. The kids are also into learning about different parts of the world and other cultures. Throw in the fantasy and we have a perfect fit.

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WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE MOON by Grace Lin is a fantasy crossed with Chinese folklore. It follows a young girl and her fantastical journey to find the Old Man of the Moon. Lin has quite a few books that I'm interested in getting for the kids, but I thought that the journey aspect as well as the Chinese folklore would most pique their interest right now.

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THE POWER OF POPPY PENDLE by Natasha Lowe looks adorable (yes, I'm totally judging the book by its cover).  I took the book to school to show the girlchild and her friend was drawn to it right away. She's getting a copy for her birthday next month. A powerful witch who doesn't want to be a witch, even though her parents and teachers tell her she should. She'd rather bake. Includes recipes.

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**Another phenomenal source of recommendations for fantasy for young readers is this SF Signal Mind Meld.**

What books are you adding to your shelves for summer reading?
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