Friday, April 18, 2014

A Guide to (Mostly Evil) Bunny-Themed Jewelry, Clothes and Other Goodies

by Sara N.

The Season of the Bunny is upon us. Last year, Megan warned us about the evils of their hoppy legs and twitchy little noses. This year, I'm celebrating them instead with a collection of bunny merchandise that mostly features rabbits that are up to no good — with a few positive role models mixed in for good measure.

Killer Bunnies board game

This is a great game for big groups looking for light fun and heavy player interaction. You're trying to keep your bunnies alive while collecting carrots and assassinating the other players' bunnies with a variety of devious weapons. The game moves fast, and it's loaded with pop culture references. Available on Amazon or at your friendly local game shop.

Pure evil bunny fingers mug

The description of this mug specifically specifies "pure evil." I personally don't see evil when I look at that bunny, but who knows what evil lurks in the heart of Harvey the rabbit? Available here.

Evil bunny dangle earrings

They're like tiny, fluffy pirate flags, now for your ears!

Evil bunny ring

I don't know why he's so angry with me, but I've obviously displeased him. Still, there's something appealing about him, don't you think? He's available from Etsy seller belovedlittlelamb.

Monty Python killer rabbit slippers

You've seen them in action, tearing out the throats of brave knights. Now you can wear them on your feet thanks to our friends at ThinkGeek.

The Maxx comic and DVD

One of the darkest, weirdest, saddest comic series of the early '90s became one of the darkest, weirdest, saddest animated shows to grace MTV's Liquid Television lineup. The story follows a homeless superhero and a social worker. A rabbit is also involved. (Kind of. I think.) It's a trippy, wild comic, and it's totally worth revisiting 20 years later. The comic has been lovingly repackaged for hardcover release in June, and the DVD is available now.

Hell bunny dress

Red-eyed rabbits hop all over this retro-look dress from TooFast Apparel. The description says it's inspired by Alice in Wonderland, and it features rabbits and roses and is completely cute.

Evil eye bunny belly button ring

Do people still have belly button rings? I don't know; I've been out of college too long. Anyway, you can get a red-eyed rabbit to decorate your navel, if that is a thing you're into.

Evil bunny t-shirt

I think he's kind of adorable, actually. Available here.

Donny Darko rabbit suit costume


(For sale here, if you are a crazy person who needs this.)

The "no evils" bunny trinket box

These rabbits are horrified by all the other lapins on this list, and now you can store your jewelry under their cute, cringing forms.

Happy bunny ring

That was a lot of evil. Let's end on a positive note with this happy bunny ring, available from Etsy seller authfashion.

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