Friday, March 7, 2014

The Best Antler Items for Hannibal/True Detective/Baratheon Fans

by Sara N.

Antlers, you guys. So many antlers.

My husband and I spent the last two weeks watching the entirety of Hannibal and are now almost done catching up with True Detective. Quite by accident, we've found ourselves watching a lot of lovingly staged murders that heavily feature deer antlers. (And I'm not the only one who noticed this trend.)

Hannibal featuring Will Graham in an unhealthy mental place.

After a few days of trying not to see antlers every time I close my eyes, I decided to lean into it. Antlers for everyone! Antlers on everything! Hopefully not on corpses, though!

Read on for the best antler-related Etsy offerings I could find.

True Detective featuring Rust Cohle in a philosophical mental place.

(OK, so True Detective and Hannibal are only SF/F genre-adjacent, which makes them marginal as Stellar Four fodder. Still, they're both excellent in their own very different ways, and they should really be on your watch list, so let's just go with it. Plus, you can always approach these items from a Game of Thrones/House Baratheon stag perspective if the genre thing bugs you.)

One note: I'm a little squeamish about buying things decorated with antlers from a once-living creature, so I'm highlighting Etsy works that only use antlers of the faux variety.

Bracelet and pendant from TheDirection, $19 for bracelet and $22 for necklace

Pair of pillows from VixenGoods, $138

Maenad/satyr headdress from HysteriaMachine, $68.81

Crown t-shirt from TheLollyPopKids, $25.

Silver ring from mrd74, $69

Mini deer head from WhiteFauxTaxidermy, $119.19 (other fab colors available at varying prices)

True Detective phone cover from LastSecond, $9.99

Chevron print from justabirdprintables, $5

Necklace charm from jewelryofhome, $4.99

Jewelry/scarf/mug holder from LucyHaus, $54.50

Earrings from mrd74, $110. Sidenote: We need to talk about this model's eyebrows.

Headband from LittleBlueBirdSays, $55

Hannibal t-shirt from SummerIsComing, $22.50

Rings from AppleLatte, $8.80

Deer dictionary print from MadameBricolagePrint, $18

Cast iron wall hook from juxtapositionsc, $18

Tube top from wingsofsin, $30. Presented without comment.

Silver necklace from paperfacestudio, $30

Plaid deer print from TrueNorthPrintables, $5

Hair clip antlers from AutumnFoxCreations, $10

Locket from Locketfox, $38.20

Print from TrueNorthPrintables, $5. Word play hhhhhhhooooo!

There. That should scratch my antler itch until the True Detective finale on Sunday, don't you think?
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